Rebecca Jane "Beckie" Brown (born September 23, 1997) is a British YouTube vlogger and mental health advocate. She makes videos about her life and other things. She has three YouTube channels, her main channel BeckieJBrown, her second channel where she makes videos about her disorder Trichotillomaina, TrichJournal and her third channel where she makes art videos BeckieJBrownArt.

Trivia Edit

She has depresson and trichotillomaina.

She was born on September 23, 1997, which makes her 20 years old.

She has a brother and a sister.

Her name used to be Beckie0 but she changed it to BeckieJBrown.

She has a child named Archie.

She said on one of her Instagram lives that she hates being called Bex or Becks.